• When i want to buy a course I can't connect to my PayPal account

    Sometimes this is due to using a mobile phone. Please try to purchase the course by using a desktop or laptop computer.

  • When i watched a tutorial i can't replay the lesson

    The course structure is linear; it is assumed that you watch tutorial after tutorial. When you prompt the "continue" button below the player, it will lead you to the follwoing tutorial and closes the just viewed tutorial chapter temporarily. If you instead prompt the button "mark incomplete", you can replay the video again. Anyway: In order to unlock all tutorials again, click on the button "resume course" next to the black button "buy" on the primary course page.

  • How can i watch the free preview of a course?

    Please register to set up your personal user account. First click on the course of your choice, then click on "show content" and finally select the tutorial marked with the "free preview" button.

  • Is there a expiration date once i payed for a course?

    No, once you bought a single course your subscription won't expire.

  • I can't view the provided pdfs

    Please check your check browser and ensure that the application set to view PDFs is the "preview in browser" option.

  • Can I download tutorials / videos?

    No. The courses enable the user to stream videos only.

  • My video is loading slowly

    If your videos are loading slowly, it is most likely related to your internet connection. A quick tip for improving video playback is to click on the gear icon in the video player and choose a lower quality setting.

  • Will you offer more courses?

    Yes, please check back another time!